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Snow spray also known as artificial snow. Under the condition of certain temperature and humidity, the snowmaking machine high pressure water through the nozzle after the formation of tiny mist, at the same time the high pressure generated by the air compressor air is mixed with high pressure water and the nuclear device nozzle produce seeds snow grains, as a result of the action of high power fan, these seeds snow grains and tiny water spray nozzle in the process of mass ejection combination, formed the flakes. We need make sweet romance action, highly effective make happy atmosphere.


This product is used for all kinds of festive occasions, such as birthday party, civic party, wedding, the Spring Festival, dance party, celebration, party, etc. Can also be combined with all kinds of mold injection on glass, wall, door cabinets, etc.

Key benefits

1.Strong adhesiveness

2.Spray continuously

3. Easy washable

4. High extrusion rate

5. nonflammable, eco-friendly

Product effect

Product description

Technical Specification



At 25℃ and 60%   relative humidity

Liquid appearance

Transparent   liquid


Comply   with the regulations

Rate of   spray



Internal   pressure, 50℃






Remark: all the above data are obtained from our laboratory tests according to BB/T1449 -2017 "Test Methods for Aerosol Products" standard, the test results depend on external conditions, methods of use and tools. In order to achieve better use effect, it is recommended to strictly follow the method of use.


shake well before use, please, vertical body, random to interior space or injection.



1.Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.

2.Away from fire, heat source.

3.Storage temperature does not exceed 30 ºC, relative humidity less than 80%. 

4.Keep container closed.

5.Should alkali metals, food chemicals stored separately, avoid mixing reservoir. 

6.Equipped with the appropriate variety and quantity of fire equipment.

Emergency treatment

When sticking to the skin, wash with water. If you feel uncomfortable, please go to the hospital immediately.

In case of accidental contact with the eyes, lift the eyelid and rinse immediately with plenty of water or saline solution, seek medical advice immediately.

In case of accidental ingestion, drink a moderate amount of warm water and induce vomiting. Seek medical advice immediately.



Keep away from children, please work in the air. If swallowed, you should immediately cause vomiting and seek medical advice.

Spray must be kept in aerosol cans are vertical and horizontal angle of no less than 45 °.

Flammable, pressure vessel, do not use near fire source.

The weight changes over time, which is normal, and the attrition rate is less than 2%/ year.


  • Q1: Can I customized my order?

    P: Yes, OEM/ODM service is available. Customized logo/package/color/design.

  • Q2: Can I ask for samples before placing an order?

    P: Yes, we can provide free samples to check quality.

  • Q3. Is there any spare parts service if the order is large?

    P:Of course, we will evaluate the quantity of spare parts according to your order quantity .

  • Q4: What's the standard MOQ for one design ?

    P: If with your logo and design,normally it is 7500pcs.Or we print based on the MOQ and you run out in following orders .There is no MOQ limitation if with our own logo and normal packing .

  • Q5:What is the payment terms ?

    P: T/T or L/C, west union,

  • Q6: What is the delivery time ?

    P:For the first order it needs about 30 days after receiving deposit and confirm designs .For second order ,will be much fast .

  • Q7: MOQ for one order ?

    P: 1*20GP container about 2500ctns .

  • Q8:Packing quantity

    P: For example ,400ml can . 1*20GP 2500CTNS /30000PCS 1*40GP 4800CTNS /57600PCS 1*40HQ 5950CTNS /71400PCS

  • Q9 : Why choose us ?

    P: 1,Strict quality control and after sales warranty 2, Team Cooperation no matter before -sales or after sales . 3 Consider more for our customers ,but not ourselves because we are partner 4 Easy to work with us ,we remember each word you say and do what we agree with you . 5 Good services with details 6 Professional

  • Q10 : I can not find the item needed in your page

    P: You can contact us ,we will send you catalogue because websites do not show all of our products .

  • Q11: Can we visit your factory ?

    P: Welcome at any time

  • Q12 : What are the trade terms ?

    P: FOB ,CFR and CIF ,EXW

  • Q13: How does your company control the quality?

    P: Our QC team will do strict quality control inspection for materials and during mass production and after finishing mass production to assure best quality.

  • Q14: Can your products meet the national quality standards?

    P:Sure, we can provide the corresponding compliance test report.

  • Q15: What is the warranty for the products?

    P: Most of our products have 3 years warranty.

  • Q16: Which certificates do you have ?

    P : ISO14001 ,ISO9001 ,SGS ,ROHS etc.

  • Q17: Can we use our own forwarder ?

    P: You can use your own forwarder or our forwarder .Our forwarders are professional forwarders only for dangerous goods for 20 years .

  • Q18:Aerosol products are dangerous goods ,how can we ship them?

    P: We have professional forwarders, you just need to place order and wait the goods ,we will arrange all the things.

  • Q19: Do you have all the documents or certificates for shipping ?

    P: Yes ,sure

  • Q20: What can you help us ?

    P: Provide the information for your market /Give you suggestions for the orders ,sales or market strategy /Help you to make the designs / Help you for the booking /Help you solve all the problems before or after sales

  • Q21 : How long will you reply me ?

    P: 24 hours at any time

  • Q22 :How long have your sales been working in this field?

    P: More than 10 years

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